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Anita Salazar

Anita is a social butterfly. She likes to meet people, listen to stories and share some of her own. Needless to say, Fogarolli and Anita are a match made in heaven. Being self-employed had always been a dream of Anita's. But it would take a move between two continents for that dream to become reality. 


Anita moved to Sweden from Brazil 15 years ago and has since worked at Tetra Pak. When she discovered Fogarolli at a trade show, the winds of change pulled her once again. She immediately saw an opportunity to broaden her network and dedicate her life to one of her great passions, coffee. 


Not only is Anita a fine barista (and makes a mean cappuccino), she can also hold conversations in Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and Swedish. 


Anita wants to focus on weddings and trade shows, and also real estate and wedding fairs. Right now, she operates mostly in Skåne, but wouldn’t mind taking her red coffee van internationally. 

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