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Anna & Chris

The Swedish ’Fika’ is more than a coffee break, it’s a ritual that is ingrained into our culture. And some embrace it more than others. Anna and Chris are definite fans of fika. So much, they made it their career. They had their very first cup of Fogarolli coffee at Maltes’ Mackor in Ystad, and that kickstarted a quest to seek out cafés serving those genuine Italian beans. When they saw their first Fogarolli coffee van, they knew they were destined to own one themselves. 


Today, the coffee thing has grown into a real family matter. Fogarolli has become a focal point for the entire family, who now spend more time than ever together. Even the sons are in the process of becoming baristas. The Frisk family serve coffee at all kinds of events and festivals. They normally start from Österlen and move around in southern Sweden serving coffee lovers their favourite drink. Fun fact: they are responsible for keeping players awake at Dream Hack in Jönköping.


Now that ‘Fika’ has become an integral part of their everyday lives, is the passion for coffee still the same? “Absolutely”, says Anna. She still loves a cup of freshly brewed coffee along with a piece of chocolate cake.

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