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Mira Nielsen 

Mira is all about coffee. And it’s not just that she enjoys an occasional Italian style coffee. That would be normal. Mira tends to take her fascination with coffee to the extreme. Like, spending-hours-on-YouTube-watching-latte-art kind of extreme. In the region around her home town Fredericia, on the southeastern coast of Jylland, her customers benefit from her passion. Because, to Mira, a cup of coffee shouldn’t just taste great, it should look great to. Her trademark latte art signature is the leaf. 


Before becoming a Fogarolli Barista Partner, Mira had worked at cafes and was very familiar with Fogarolli. So, when the opportunity came to acquire her own mobile coffee van, she convinced her father to get involved. Together they frequent concert, fairs and trade shows. 

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