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Malin Kronberg

If you ask us, the world really needs two things, great tasting coffee and more people like Malin. She is that person we all wish we were. The one that gets involved in everything from issues involving human rights to helping and motivating people with functional variations. And she rides a motor bike. 


Malin has worked in the public sector for many years, with, among other things, motivational conversations and is basically a black-belt when it comes to people. So, if anyone can offer great conversation along with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, it’s Malin.

After following seasoned Fogarolli Barista Partners, Pontus Roos, to a few events, Malin was converted to the world of Italian quality coffee. She even swapped her daily dose of Coca Cola for Cortado and hasn’t looked back since. 

Since her entire family are motor bike fanatics, events involving big and loud engines are especially desirable, along with festivals. But it’s the diversity that appeals to Malin. And regardless of the type of event, there is always lots of joy around the red coffee van. 



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