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Anton Jaha

Coffee is one of those things people claim to love passionately. Something they can’t live without.  To most it’s an exaggeration, to very few, it’s reality. Anton Jaha belong to the very few. He lives and breathes coffee. To a degree where you have to question whether it’s healthy or not. But, as Anton says, it’s a way of life. And who are we to disagree. 


Anton started working with Fogarolli, during summers at Sweden Rock, when he was 15 years old. 8 years later he now owns five mobile coffee vans, that operate all around Scandinavia as well as in Germany. 

He is still a frequent festival attendee, where he loves spreading joy with his carefully crafted coffee experiences, to the sounds of the latest music acts. Anton also frequents trade shows where he’s bright red coffee monster, in combination with his barista skills and contagious smile steals the thunder from other exhibitors.


Coffee Attractions AB

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