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Per och


Per is, what some would call, a serial entrepreneur. He’s tried most things under the sun. And even though Per is quite spontaneous and unpredictable, Katarina always knew that his next venture would be Fogarolli. Or, rather, she made sure of it. At a trade show in Malmö, she experienced Fogarolli for the first time and knew it was right up Per’s alley. You see, the one thing Per loves more than running his own business is coffee. And their son was already a barista. A match made in heaven.


So, when they together visited the Eget Företag fair, she casually introduced Per to Fogarolli. And, as they say, the rest of history. 

Their first year as Fogarolli Barista Partners has been all about testing the waters, trying out which types of events suit them best. Sports events, fairs or catering? Or all of the above? For the most part they stay north of Stockholm and they are especially excited about Vasaloppet, where they will spread warmth with the coffee and atmosphere around the coffee van. 


Kaffekatten Kommanditbolag

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