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Mats Burman

Mats Burman loves the limelight. Not only when he’s at events serving delicious coffee, but also when he’s on stage slapping the bass with his band, ”Among the masses”. The band mixes various music styles and genres with a focus on what they grew up with during the 80s and 90s. Pop, rock, synth. You name it.


Mats is a bit of a lone wolf who started his career as a chef. He then made a detour to Spain to run a cafe with his brother. The next chapter involved becoming a business development manager in psychiatry before he found his true calling, a bright red mobile coffee van. Since Mats is quite the chatty guy, it’s no wonder this bubbly and approachable nature is what introduced him to Fogarolli. 

It was during an event, where Mats represented a business in a completely different industry, that he clicked with the neighbour, former chef and Fogarolli Barista Partner, Pontus Roos. They got on like house on fire and it didn’t take long for Mats to become a Barista Partner himself. Sure, Pontus should have credit for selling the concept to Mats, but the main driver was his passion for coffee. Like he says, “coffee makes me feel alive”. 


Mats and his bright red beauty can be seen at all kinds of events and festivals. Food, music and coffee is still very much rocking his life. 


Burman Barista AB

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