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Pontus &

Anna Roos

Pontus Roos suffers from, what he calls, social Tourette’s. In other words, he needs to be among people in order to fully function as a human being. He is a serial entrepreneur who likes to have his fingers in many pies (figuratively speaking. We think.) and has tried most things from running a restaurant at a golf course to an IT company.


This drive and experience resulted in a successful career with a respectable title to go with it. But at 40 something was missing. The fun. Sick of waking up with a knot in his stomach every Monday, he knew it was time for a change. Some might call it a midlife crisis. Pontus calls it midlife development. 

When the Roos family visited Kiviks Marknad they spotted a Fogarolli van for the first time. Pontus and his wife and business partner, Anna, immediately saw the business potential and a future for themselves. Together. A life they could control and still thrive. They were blown away. Weeks later they became Fogarolli franchisees. 


The Roos family operates throughout western Sweden with a natural focus on Gothenburg. Their two coffee vans and one coffee bar counter have since the fall of 2016 been the main attraction at numerous events ranging from sold-out concerts at Ullevi to local sporting events. 

With his sales background in B2B, Pontus places a great focus on corporate events. Coffee loving customers include Microsoft, Volvo, Borås City, Uddevalla Energy, Jernhusen, Castellum, Centiro and many more. 


Roos Kaffe & Konsult AB

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