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IT and coffee are not generally synonymous with each other. It is, however, if you ask Michael Engelson. He juggles running his own IT business with being a Fogarolli Barista Partner. Him and his wife have always been involved in events in one way or the other. From attending to organizing. The dream to start something they could call theirs has always been there.  


When they spotted Fogarolli at the annual apple markets in Kivik, it peaked their interest and they decided to find out more. As it turned out, their home turf, Kristanstad, was an untapped market. The Engelson’s immediately jumped onboard. Now they use Kristianstad as a base, but also cover big parts of Skåne, the western parts of Blekinge and the southern parts of Småland, where they attend everything from concerts to sports events.  

When Michael is not on the sidelines serving coffee, he is often on the pitch. Either as a coach or as a referee. And when he yearns for warmer latitudes, Greece, Italy and Spain are some of his preferred destinations, where he can be found sipping the local coffee. Even on the beach. 


Kristianstad Event och Kaffebönor

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