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Mats Knafve

Mats is, what many of us strive for, happy with life. He describes himself as a calm and confident person who is open to new things. And this tranquility of his comes handy at work, being a fighter pilot for the Swedish Air Force. 


He has always been a keen coffee drinker, and especially enjoys a cup when sitting at a cafe. There is something about the cafe environment that appeals to Mats and he’s always played with the idea of opening his own one day. But things always got in the way. Until now. Being a Barista Partner is sort of like having your own cafe. Only, the destination is as flexible as the opening hours. Win, win. 


The first time Mats encountered a Fogarolli coffee van, was at the Sweden Rock festival. And being a coffee fanatic, he immediately fell in love with the concept. Shortly thereafter, Mats’ wife had a similar experience at a equestrian competition. And, as they say, the rest is history. 

When Mats eventually resigned after 30 years in government service, he felt curious and open to new challenges. Becoming a Fogarolli Barista Partner really felt like the perfect fit. Running a regular cafe would be too time consuming and doing nothing would mean too much free time on his hands. Again, win, win. 


It’s currently only Mats and his coffee van, Giorgio, attending events, but he hopes to give his son and his daughter an invaluable education and memories for life by eventually joining the business. 


MK Camber AB

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