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Peter Janthe  

Agoraphobia is the fear of crowds. It’s nothing Peter Janthe suffers from. Quite the opposite. He happily parks his Fogarolli coffee van in a sea of 25 000 concert attendees and starts making coffee while casually chatting to customers. Quite possibly whistling in the process. That he likes a challenge is the understatement of the century. That’s why he hasn’t shied away from Gyllene Tider and Roby concerts. 


Peter has an incredible talent for talking. His wife jokingly says, "It's good if you can be quiet sometimes". So, when you buy coffee from Peter, you better not be in a rush

When he’s not in the mosh pit, he himself loves to get on stage. He is a guitarist in three different bands playing everything from covers to blues and rock. When he manages to tear himself away from the guitar, he’s quite happy to lose track of time in the kitchen, cooking classic mussel soup with homemade french fries with aioli. Did our invitation get lost in the mail Peter..?  


P Janthe AB

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