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Mats Lygrell

Mats had just started a new job as a sales representative. But it quickly realised that spending that countless hours in the car between customer meetings wasn’t really idea of a good time. So, after almost 25 years in sales, he decided it was time for a change. 


A brochure at a trade show caught his attention and before he knew it, Mats was a Fogarolli Barista Partner. One of the main selling points was the possibility to manage his own time.


Being his own boss is challenging but a challenge he is more than willing to face. 


When Mats isn’t busy charming guests around the coffee van, promoting his favourite caffeine drink, Cortado, he takes every opportunity to flee to his summer cottage in the Sankt Anna Archipelago. It’s where the silence and soothing sounds of the waves help him recharge his batteries.


Mats Lygrell AB

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