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and Linda 

Turns out, real estate agents have a lot to learn from great baristas. To sell a property you have to generate interest, traffic and, most importantly, a pleasant atmosphere. No one does that better than a Fogarolli Barista Partner. And Patrick would know, he sells both houses and Italian premium coffee experiences. 


Becoming a Fogarolli Barista Partner can be a big step. To some it’s a lifechanging decision. How long did it take Patrick and his wife, Linda, to make up their minds? The time it takes to drink half a cup of coffee. 


Linda spotted a Fogarolli van in Gothenburg and immediately knew she had to have one. Patrick, famous for his spontaneity, thought it was a great idea to join the Fogarolli family. 

What they value most, apart from the delicious coffee, is the flexibility and flexibility. They can choose when they want to work and where. Patrick loves sports events, like Klassbollen, where he spends as much time reminding the parents not to forget to watch the games as he does serving coffee. 


Lejon & Lejon AB

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