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Rania Youness

We’ve all worked with someone like Rania Youness. You know the one that gives 110% every day. The one that really cares about the work and always wants to put their best foot forward. The one that makes you feel bad about yourself. That’s Rania. 


After finishing her academic studies, she soon found her first passion: people. Job titles including market coordinator, job coach and recruitment officer soon followed. Jobs that gave her a genuine sense of fulfillment. But she always dreamt of starting her own. She thought to herself, why not spend the time, passion and energy building her own business. To say she’s ambitious is quite the understatement.


A relative recommended Fogarolli and since she is a coffee fanatic, it seemed like a great fit. After meeting with the Fogarolli crew she, and her husband, Nader Hammoud, decided to go for it. A few month later they had they very own Fogarolli coffee van and Rania had resigned from her job to focus on building her very own Fogarolli business. 

Rania and her husband are based in Skåne but happily accept jobs all over Sweden. They have already managed to attend concerts, festivals, equestrian competitions, store openings, done catering jobs and spent 3 months at Malmö based shopping centre, Emporia. Their favourite? All of it. For different reasons. Festivals and concerts are fast paced and get the adrenaline pumping, while more intimate events allow you to get closer to the customers in order to spread the joy. 


“I’ve finally found my dream job”, says Rania. 

RANIA YOUNESS - Fogarolli Barista 


+46(0) 704-22 77 40


Wide Dimensions AB

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