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San & Razel

San and Razel together make an entrepreneurial potpourri, containing parts engineering, Indian song and dance, spiced with years of experience from the restaurant industry and a strong desire to do volunteer work. In other words, a magical mixture. 


When San and Razel decided they wanted to start a business together, they quickly agreed that Fogarolli's concept was the challenge they were looking for. As Fogarolli Barista Partners, they have finally found an outlet for their passion to meet people and make good use of their past experiences. Being served coffee from their coffee van is an experience so full of positive energy that it is not uncommon for customers to linger and order a second cup.

You’ll find San, Razel and their Fogarolli coffee van at virtually all types and events around Denmark. They take every opportunity and as San says; “Life is a celebration and celebrations start with a cup of coffee”.


Hejsan Aps

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